Founded in 1998, AXEL’R is today based in the little village of Cournonterral near the great town of Montpellier on the south coast of France at 60kls of the race track of Ledenon.

Roger Dutemple created AXEL’R to meet the needs of drivers and collectors. Each model is the result of extensive research. They are made to the internationally recognised collectors 1:43 scale and are 10 to 12,5 cms long. Other scales will be developed in the future.

The AXEL’R models are sold in pre-painted kit form and in handbuilt form. They are multimedia models made from high quality resin, white-metal, rubber tyres, vac-form parts, photo-etched parts, decals. An instruction sheet with text and many photos of the model is delivered in each kit box.

The different parts of the AXEL’R models are made in Europe. The AXEL’R kits are prepared in France. Each AXEL’R models is handbuilt individually with a great care in France.

The AXEL’R models are separated into 4 categories:

* The historic racing cars, old cars which run today in historic championships
* The Le Mans racing cars which ran at the 24 Hours of Le Mans
* The circuit and rally racing cars which ran on different tracks in the world
* The road cars, old touring cars

Exciting new models are currently being researched or being manufactured.

AXEL’R has also another workshop where are made resin casts for some other manufacturers.

AXEL’R makes built models in exclusivity for some model shops and private customers in the World.

List of models in the AXEL’R range can be found at Axel’R

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