Provence Moulage

France In 1982 two companies were formed from the split up of MRF Record, PM and Starter these two were the major manufactures of resin kits during the 80/90’s later PM bought out Starter. PM made model in collaboration with others including Ugo Fadini, Tron, Grand Prix Models, Model Cars Australia, BAM. In the late… Continue reading Provence Moulage

Provence Moulage Model List

Model list Resin kits 1 Jaguar E type S1 coupe 2 Alpine Renault 1600S 3 Citroen SM cabriolet ‘Mylord’ 3b Citroen SM Cabriolet open ‘Mylord’ 4 Citroen SM rally 5 Ferrari 365GTB4 Daytona 6 Ferrari Daytona spyder 7 Ferrari Daytona Gr4 8 Ferrari 250SWB road 9 Porsche 911SC 1980 10 Porsche 911SC Targa 1980 11… Continue reading Provence Moulage Model List