It all started a long, long time ago …………no that’s been done before somewhere I think!

The original concept for this site was a discussion between Roger Dutemple (Axel’R) and myself when I visited him at Cournonterral in the spring of 2008.

We talked about writing a book on the subject of the specialist 1/43 scale model car and its history. It was soon decided that a publication on 1/43 scale low volume model cars would have an even lower volume of interest and would never get published in hard copy format.

But for the Internet this may never have been recorded and maybe some of it should not have been………. I will leave that to you to decide.

The idea is that rather than one person writing ‘the book’ we can have individual accounts from people that have been involved with the business from its conception in the early 1970’s to today and it can evolve as a definitive record long into the future.

I invite everyone that has been involved in the business over the years to add their story.

If you were/are a manufacturer, pattern maker, builder or had a casting business, if you print decals, make photo etching or accessories for the 1/43 scale model car business you are welcome to write your profile in your own language and we will provide a translation.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute your story

This is not a commercial website and I do not accept advertisements from retailers but if you wish to sponsor this site I will add a link to your website for a small annual donation to assist with the maintenance of this site.

Many thanks to Ian Wren for his input on the early years.