MA Scale


I have always enjoyed building all types of models as long as I can remember. I have built airplanes, automobiles and boats. In 1972 a friend told me about Marque Products in Costa Mesa which sold 1/43 scale models and was owned by Gene Parrill. I visited Marque Products and became a “regular”. I slowly started collecting and building models that I found interesting. Gene hired me to build kits for his customers that either did not have the skill or didn’t have the time to build models that they purchased. I was finding that I did not have any time to build kits for my own collection since I was always building models for others.

In September of 1978, I took the leap and quit my full time job and started M.A. Scale Models.

In the last 30 years my product list has grown to 388-1/43 scale models. I am always working on new kits and researching different cars for release. I have customers all over the world and am always excited to gain new customers.

I operate M.A. Scale Models out of my home. I create the molds and cast the resin models by hand. I contract out the rubber and metal parts casting and the decal printing.

Lloyd Asbury, who worked with Precision Miniatures, an obsolete 1/43 scale models company, mentored me over many years. He taught me everything I know about how to make a pattern and how to make molds.

My wife, Pat Arensdorf, assists me with my business. Pat takes care of the books, correspondence, computer, and banking issues.

During our years in this business, we have met many wonderful people who are 1/43 scale model enthusiasts like myself. Pat and I believe this has been our good fortune