Made by Patrice Guichard from Novalaise in the French Alps.

Miniature cars NEIMAD was born in April 1980 a little crazy gamble, they make their own decals. The first kits appeared from the beautiful Solido and fill gaps in collections, but in other version to the originals for the 24 hours of Le Mans. So NEIMAD tried to find information on the making of decals.

Research work was not easy because few existing manufacturers would disclose their methods of printing and no kind of assistance and then where to find the special paper. After several months of research NEIMAD released its first decals, a masterpiece, not a real horror? But with tenacity, finally NEIMAD brought out its first execution worthy of the name. Then started a small production of decals Le Mans, Can-Am, and Indianapolis, a small range of decorating one after the other was improving. But it was nice to make some decorations for craft kits or emerging industry. NEIMAD chose to produce his own, Can-Am Lola T70, McLaren M2B the beautiful Chaparral 2D from Daytona a modest LM Ferrari and LM Maserati. The Lola Aston Martin longtail of 1967, a Lola T70 with removable engine cover, not to mention the LM1964 Ford GT40 with opening driver door, followed the Mk1 GT40 with 2 open doors and removable rear engine cover with engine detail and spare wheel. The LM1961 Maserati Birdcage with chassis showing under the huge windscreen. The Gulf Mirage from 1974 LM tests as well as the Mirage M12 of the Andretti’s that did no start.

Dozens of short runs were created thanks to the wonderful talent of a young craftsman who made all the casting, whatever the difficulties, a good friend named Pascal Martin (JEMMPY). Without his creations NEIMAD would remain as projects and prototypes in drawers. Do not forget the kindness of Dominique, who contributed to Esparcieux, casts some references. NEIMAD the adventure lasted 10 years, from 1980 to 1990. It was not until 1995 that NEIMAD re-appeared, but under another name, and only for the creation and production of very limited decals. The reliability of Michel Elkoubi (MRE) allowed us to see on the market a range of 2lt cars as well as the Spice and other cars from Le Mans. The association finished when Michel went to work for the Pescarolo Racing team.

Today NEIMAD become GP collection73 create decals of all kinds and all scales, but always in very small numbers for the pleasure of a few enthusiasts like his self. A passion questioned in 1990 A passion which now gives even the illusion of being used to something in life, a passion which unfortunately will end soon, because none of his son has this passion for cars.

That’s life. Patrice Guichard

Translation Roger Dutemple/Dave Eames

Neimad Model List

Models list

Resin kits

  • Porsche RS61/4 LM1961 #30 & #32
  • Rover BRM Turbine LM1963 #00
  • Renault A220 LM1969
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