Owned by Philippe Roche

Many of the early offerings were re-releases of MRF Record kits from when they split to form Starter and Provence Moulage. Early ‘factory built’ models were un-decaled, later ones fully finished. Business commenced 1983 some MRF Record kits were still being release up to July 1985 maybe this was using up old stock. Last kit were released December 1996

Starter was then taken over by Provence Moulage and became their built models range.

Starter had no numbering system for their kits/models so most retailers made up their own reference numbers this can be very confusing today. So our list will go by the catalogues that Starter released.

Starter had three distanced kit ranges, red box kits and built models were general release, blue box kits were limited runs but no amounts were ever stated. There were also green box multi kit releases.

Starter also made kits for others like GPM and the Porsche Model Club.

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